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2019 Orange County Buddhist Church Annual Summer Obon Festival (2 Days) OCBC Obon (Taiko, Japanese Food, Children's Games, Dancing)
2019 - 32nd Annual Southern California Japanese Surfing Contest
2019 Gardena Buddhist Church Obon Festival & Bon Odori (2 Days) This is the Largest Japanese Obon Festival in the South Bay Area
Fred Korematsu Day of Civil Liberties and the Constitution - January 30th
2019 Nisei Week Grand Parade on Sunday (4 pm) - Little Tokyo (One of the Largest & Most Exciting Events of the Year)  Tips
2020 - 131st Rose Parade Presented by Honda (The Magic of New Year's Day in an Unrivaled Celebration, Exclusive to the Streets of Pasadena)
2019 Workshop: Japanese Woodblock Printmaking Techniques - Create Your Own Print Inspired by Japanese Masters
15th Annual 2019 Japanese Classic Car Show - America's 1st & Original Large Scale Japanese Car Show Dedicated to Old School Japanese Cars
2019 West Los Angeles Buddhist Temple Annual Summer Obon Festival (Different Times) - WLA (2 Days) Live Taiko, Japanese Food, Children Games..
Japanese New Year - Shōgatsu
2019 - 10th Annual Aki Matsuri Festival - Premier Japanese Culture and Food Festival (Japanese Food, Bon Odori, Performances, Taiko..) The Park Vegas
2019 Vista Buddhist Temple Summer Obon Festival (2 Days) Japanese Food, Taiko, Dancing, Origami, Martial Arts, Boutique Items, Games..
Wakamatsu Festival 150 is a Celebration of 150 Years of Japanese-American Heritage, Arts and Cuisine

2019 Tsuru for Solidarity - We Need Volunteers to Fold 10,000 Origami Cranes Newly Listed

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Date: Saturday, 30 March, 2019       Time: 2:00 pm
South Texas Family Residential Center
1925 W. Highway 85
Dilley, TX 78017

Join the Japanese American community in nonviolet protest of the incarceration of immigrant children and families at the Dilley mass incarceration site and families seperated by the Muslim Travel Ban.

We need volunteers to fold 10,000 origami cranes strung together in chains to be hung on the fences around the Dilley site as our protest.  We want children and families seperated and incarcerated in detention sites or seperated byu the Muslim Travel Ban to know that Japanese Americans are fighting for them.  Mass detentions and the Muslim Travel Ban must end!  We stand in solidarity.

Please send your cranes (on strings, if possible) to Grassroots Leadership in Texas by March 23, 2019. Bob Libal, the Executive Director, Grassroots Leadership, a nonprofit social justice organization whose mission is to work for a more just society where prison profiteering, mass incarceration, deportation, and criminalization are things of the past. Bob and his staff and Sister LaRock from the Sisters of Charity along with One World Taiko from Denver will be joining us at the South Texas Detention Center on Saturday, March 30th. On Sunday, some of us will go with the Sisters of Charity at the bus station in San Antonio to offer assistance and backpacks to newly released families.

Please send your cranes by March 23rd to:
Grassroots Leadership
3121 East 12th Street
Austin, Texas 78702

Saturday, March 30, 2019

2:00 pm

South Texas Family Residential Center1925 W. Highway 85, Dilley, TX 78017

Saturday, 30 March, 2019


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