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2023 - Japanese Cultural Demonstration: Tea Ceremony, Portland Japanese Garden
2023 Holiday Makers Market, Japan Village (The Japanese Handmade Crafts Event)
2023-2024 Tuna Weekend, Japan Village (Sunrise Mart, WakuWaku, Various Spots in Japan Village Food Court-Weekend Filled with Tuna Delights)
2024 - 53nd Annual Oshogatsu Matsuri Event - Year of the Dragon (Celebration the New Year!) Japanese Cultural Arts & Crafts, Food, Entertainment, etc.
2024 Nihon Buyo in the 21st Century From Kabuki Dance to Boléro (Jan 24 - 26, 2024)
2024 - 24th Annual US Sumo Open Event - Walter Pyramid, Long Beach (The Largest Sumo Tournament in North America)
2023: Japanese Embroidery: A Journey of Tradition and Innovation (Thousand-Year-Old Technique of Traditional Japanese Embroidery, Nihon Shishu)
2023 Monterey Museum of Art’s Exhibition ' Illuminado' (Edi Matsumoto’s Spirit Trees, Based on Japanese Tradition)
2024 Mochitsuki New Year’s Celebration (Year of the Dragon with Delicious Mochi, Music & Dance Performances, & Japanese Cultural Activities)
2024 Director’s Pick: Drum Tao From Japan (30th Anniversary Tour Merging Wadaiko Drums with Japanese Flutes and Harps) VIDEO
2023 Our Shared Future Family Day at JANM (Experience a Day of Free Admission and Diverse Cultural Activities for All Ages)
What is #GivingTuesday? It's a 'Global Generosity Movement Unleashing the Power of People & Organizations to Transform Their Communities & the World'
2023-2024 - Bellevue Collection Cultural Celebration Of Oshogatsu (Interactive Digital Exhibit, in Bellevue Square’s Center (Nov - Jan 1, 2024)

2023 Annual Sacramento Obon Odori Festival Event (Bon Odori Dancing, Japanese Food..) Sacramento Buddhist Church (Saturday) NEW

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2023 Annual Sacramento Obon Odori Festival Event (Bon Odori Dancing, Japanese Food..) Sacramento Buddhist Church (Saturday)
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Date: Saturday, 8 July, 2023       Time: 5:00 pm
Buddhist Church of Sacramento
2401 Riverside Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95818
(916) 446-0121
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Map of Buddhist Church of Sacramento, 2401 Riverside Blvd.

Live Obon Event Festivities this Summer at Sacramento Buddhist Church.  We are excited to announce we will have live Obon festivities in person this year on Saturday.

Obon Odori - Saturday 
This summer Obon Odori festival event will be in person at the Betusin under the lights of chochin lanterns in the temple parking lot and simultaneously streamed live virtually for those who are not able to attend in person or who choose to avoid large gatherings. Obon will stream live on Facebook, but we hope to see many of you in person.

Obon Odori will start at 7:30 p.m. and run continuously for approximately 75 minutes (no intermission). Dancers will gather in the Hondo and walk out together for Obon odori. Food concessions will open at 5:00.

Folding chairs can be set up in the church parking lot on Friday July 8 from 6:00 - 8:00 pm.

Obon Service - Sunday July 9, 2023
Hatsubon is the first Obon Service after a loved one has passed. A combined Obon/Hatsubon service will be held in the Main Hondo at 9:30 am with special guest speaker, Reverend Bob Oshita, Rinban Emeritus.

The Obon/Hatsubon Service will also be live streamed on Facebook and YouTube.

Special Obon Tribute to Honor Loved Ones
We are offering the opportunity to honor and remember any loved one who has passed with a photo or name tribute. Each submitted photo or name will be displayed periodically on monitors in the Courtyard during Obon Odori, as well as online in the streamed virtual program.

Tribute Link

Background on Matsuri, Obon
The word 'Matsuri' or 'Festival' event literally means worshipping gods or ancestral spirits. Festivals were usually annual events to bless the cultivation of rice and the health of the community. In order to enliven the celebrations, there were performances of traditional dances and musical instruments.

Obon is a Japanese Buddhist festival usually held in mid-July or August for a week and is a time when the souls of dead ancestors are supposed to return home for three days. In particular, prayers are said for anyone who has died in the previous year as it is believed that they need more guidance to find their way. The festival has been held since the 7th century although many of the events have changed and it is one of the most significant and enjoyable of the Japanese festivals. It goes by a variety of names, the most popular of which is "The Festival or Feast of the Dead".

While it is not a public holiday, many Japanese who work in the city visit their birthplace at this time every year to clean the gravesites of their ancestors. Others clean Buddhist altars in their home although fewer people have these. Many years ago, Obon and the holiday on January 15th were the only days servants and workers were released to return to their homes.

Vegetables, fruits and rice wine are left out for the spirits to eat. Flowers decorate the graves or altar and incense is burned. This is the time for the living to show their respect to their ancestors. But it is not just the spirits who are given food and drink!

Obon Bon Odori Event Date
July 8, 2023, Saturday

Event Festival Time
5:00 pm: Food and Concessions

Bon Odori Dance Time
7:30 pm

Festival Parking
Parking available at city lot underneath Highway 50 at 8th and X Street for a flat rate. Courtesy shuttle available or short 10 minute walk.


Sacramento Schedule: Practice, Obon, Bazaar  
Sacramento Buddhist Church has 2 major events: Annual Obon Festival and Annual Bazaar

1) Annual Obon Bon Odori Festival Event in July - Separate from the Bazaar

July 8, 2023 - Saturday at 5:00 Food & Concessions; Bon Odori Dancing at 7:30 pm
July 9, 2023 - Sunday at 9:30 am: Obon/Hatsubon Service

2) Annual Japanese Food & Cultural Bazaar Event is in September 

August 12, 2023: 77th Annual Bazaar Event 

Sacramento Obon, Bazaar & Practices Dates 

See Obon Festivals & Practices 

All Obon Festivals  All Obon Practices Map

See Japanese Event Festivals  

All Japanese Festivals Events Map

Celebrate the Japanese Culture food, performances and dancing.
(Please always confirm date & times, the schedule could change)


Obon Bon Odori Festival Event Location
Buddhist Church of Sacramento Obon Odori Festival, 2401 Riverside Blvd., Sacramento, CA 9581

Obon Bon Odori Event Title
Annual Bon Odori Dance (Saturday) Buddhist Church of Sacramento (Note: 2-Day Annual Cultural & Food Bazaar is in August)





1) See all Obon Bon Odori Practices
Practice time: 7:00 - 8:00 pm, last night runs a little longer.
Dates: Wed, June 28th and Thur, June 29th, and again the following week on Wed, July 5th and Thu, July 6th.

Disclaimer: Please double check all information provided on our platform with the official website for complete accuracy and up-to-date details.


Saturday, 8 July, 2023

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Sacramento Obon Odori Festival Event

Phone: (916) 446-0121

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