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Explore this Ancient Culture of Japan.
Explore Ancient Japan.
2019 Nisei Week Tips in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles
Map of Nisei Week
Nisei Week Events in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles
2019 Nisei Week Tips in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles
Nisei Week Starts in August for 2 Weeks
Nisei Week is an annual event that celebrates the Japanese American Culture history in Little Tokyo. There are 2 weeks of events that happen in August right after the busy Japanese Summer Obon season for Southern California. Nisei Week is one of largest Japanese events in Little Tokyo. 

Little Tokyo is located in downtown Los Angeles, between 1st and 3rd Street.  Nisei Week occurs in two large locations:  JACCC (Japanese American Cultural & Community Center) and JANM (Japanese American National Museum) buildings. Both locations will have stage performances going through out the weekend. There will be other locations that will have Nisei Week events like MOCA (next to JANM) for Tanabata festival. So check the schedule for exact time and locations.

2019 Nisei Week Daily Event Schedule
Check out the daily performances you want to see and plan to leave early to avoid traffic and parking issues.  The weather tends to be on the warmer side so bring sunscreen, water, hats and umbrellas to avoid the heat.  There's food at the JACCC (Japanese American Community Cultural Center) Plaza where you can sit down and eat. At MOCA (Tanabata Festival) there will be eating booths along with a beer seating area. You will be able to see the 100's of amazing streamers. Go For Broke Monument is next to MOCA Museum so don't miss it.

What to Wear at Nisei Week This is a summer festival, so please wear your Yukata if you have one. It is so special to see these color Yukatas being worn throughout Little Tokyo.

Suggestions on Transportation & Parking Areas All around Little Tokyo are parking garages and lots. The prices will vary between lots, Weller Court is a great parking spot. The key: go early to avoid traffic. You can find cheaper lots further away but safetly could be a concern. It's better to pay more and park closer due to these suspect areas.

Instead of Driving - Metro Gold Line Runs through Little Tokyo
Rather than drive downtown and park, take the MetroRail or MetroLink. The MetroRail Gold Line stops in Little Tokyo and connects with the Metro Red Line and MetroLink trains at Union Station. A number of the MetroRail stations have free parking, and the day pass is only $5 per person (less for seniors).

    MetroLink trains:

Little Tokyo Location - Downtown Los Angeles
Little Tokyo is located in downtown Los Angeles. Nisei Week events are located in three main areas, all within walking distance of each other.

1) JACCC - Japanese American Cultural & Community Center 244 S. San Pedro Street, Suite 505, Los Angeles, CA 90012, Phone: (213) 628-2725
Nisei Week Events: Food, booths, Stage for live performances and demonstrations

2) JANM - Japanese American National Museum 369 East First Street, Los Angeles, California 90012, (213) 625-0414
Nisei Week Events: Food, kids games, Japanese arts and crafts booths, Stage for performances (JANM/MOCA)

3) MOCA Building - The Museum of Contemporary Art 250 South Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90012, (213) 626-6222
Tanabata Festival will be held at MOCA. You can see the Tanabata Festival during the day or night, but at night it is a site to see. Kazari are colorful handmade streamers made by local Japanese groups or organizations. They are on display high above the ground in front of the MOCA building.
Things to do & see: Tanabata Festival, beer garden, food booths.
MOCA is right next to JANM Building. Also next to the MOCA building is the Go for Broke Monument. It is located on the north side of MOCA and Japanese American National Museum. This is easily missed so pay attention.

2 & 3) Between JANM Building & MOCA Building There is a stage with seating for live performances and stage demonstrations like martial arts.

2019 Nisei Week Events to See
1) Nisei Week Parade - plan on waiting on curb, bring snacks and/or dinner to pass time. Things to see: Nebuta Float
2) Ondo dancing on 1st Street, Los Angeles. You can watch or dance. Bring your chairs or sit on the curb.
3) Tanabata Festival at MOCA
4) Go For Broke Monument next to Tanabata/MOCA Museum
5) Live Taiko and performances at JACCC stage
6) Live performances at JANM stage
7) Japanese art and craft booths for the kids (JANM)
8) Food booths at MOCA and JACCC
9) Relax at the Beer Garden at MOCA

What is our plan at Japanese City?
Saturday (Week 1)
Tanabata Festival at MOCA, food booths, beer garden, performances
Sunday (Week 1)
Nisei Week Parade - plan on waiting on curb, bring snacks and/or dinner to pass time. Things to see: Nebuta Float
Saturday (Week 2)
JACCC Plaza & JANM - Natsumatsuri Family Festival
Sunday (Week 2)
Live Taiko Gathering and performances at JACCC Plaza (10+ Taiko Groups)
Ondo dancing on 1st Street, Los Angeles. You can watch or dance. Bring your chairs or sit on the curb.

Parade: Things to Bring While Waiting for the Parade
Nisei Weeek Parade Route: starts at Central Avenue traveling west on 2nd Street, right/north up Los Angeles Street, then right/east on 1st Street and ends at Central Avenue.

Parade spots: If you come late to the parade, you can find spots along the path to sit. The popular spots you will have to stand, but if you keep walking you will find open spots.

1) Cash: buy dinner, snacks, drinks while waiting
2) Camera, video camera, extra batteries
3) Snacks and/or dinner to pass time
4) Cooler: Drinks: water, juice
5) Book, magazine
6) Kids: electronics
7) Blankets for Parade (it will get cold)
8) Chairs for Parade or sit on curb
9) There are Japanese markets close by

Additional Nisei Week Festival Events to See
Car Show
Sumo performance
Martial Arts performances
Taiko performance
Fashion show
Japanese Cultural Exhibits
Odori Dance, Hula dance
Fashion show
Queens reunion
Baby Shows

Nisei Week Festival Schedule
Friday, 9 August, 2019
Saturday, 10 August, 2019
Sunday, 11 August, 2019