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2024 Hiroshima Japan, Travel Guide - Best Things To Do & See

The Complete Guide to Historic Hiroshima Japan: Hotels, Sushi, Places
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A Guide to Hiroshima, Japan

Japan is indeed a country blessed with great cities. Although it has gone through a long history of wars and clashes, it has managed to stand the test of time. And now it stands as one of the great countries with Hiroshima as one of the major world attractions.

Hiroshima is more than just a city. There is so much history behind the city. It stands as the largest city in the western section of Honshu Island.

It experienced some of the worst bombings during World War II. From there, it has risen through times to become the great Hiroshima. When it comes to representing Japan culturally, Hiroshima has it all.

History of Hiroshima

Hiroshima is an ancient city whose roots can be traced literally into the waters. Majority of the land on which seats the city was once submerged in water. Seawater was all around stretching from today's Ota River.

Despite that, most of the relics relating to the city have been found in a different place. That was the Jomon period, for instance has been found in Ushita, Yano, Hijiyama and other areas.

When the Ritsuryo system begun to lose its power, it paved the way for a more religious approach. Temples and shrines started possessing manor estates alongside provincial governance offices.

In 1221, the Jokyu war led to the appointment of Shugo from the Takeda clan who governed from Kanayama castle. The market started developing around the castle, making it grow in fame.

The clan was temporarily removed from power during the Muromachi war but was reinstated during the 15th century but fell into ruins later paving way for Mori clan.

The battle of Itsukushima led to the defeat of the Mori clan by the Sue clan. This period starting 1555 marked the beginning of great development. Most territories we administrated from Yoshida-Koriyama, which served as the home for the Mori clan.

Other important dates in the history of Hiroshima include:

 •  1589-1591. The building of a castle at delta (once known as Goka) was initiated by the Mori clan.
 •  1600-1619. The Manasori Fukushima start ruling until they were penalized leaving the leadership role to Nagaakira Asano.
 •  The 1820s. During the Edo period, land reclamation south of Hiroshima starts. Here the new settlements were created raising the population to over 48,000.
 •  Many ships came from across rivers as Hiroshima was already a great city.
 •  1871 - 1904. The Meiji and Taisho period that led to a great expansion of the city.
 •  1945 - a great atomic bombing the affected the city to a large extent.
 •  1949 - to date. The reconstruction of the city started resulting in what we see today.

What To Do in Hiroshima

If you found Kyoto or Osaka interesting, then you are sure to find Hiroshima equally intriguing. There is a lot of historic sites here that will leave you yearning for more. Here are a few things to do.

 •  Get a great view of Miyajima, an island of the coast of Hiroshima. This is a secret island regarded as the dwelling of gods.
 •  Visit the Itsukushima shrine. This is one of the main attractions in the areas around Hiroshima.
 •  Get a closer view of the roaming deer. With wild deer roaming around the area, you have every chance to make lasting moments.
 •  The Goju-no-o Pagoda and Toyouni Shrine. These places hold great when it comes to medicine.
 •  Enjoy some Momiji Manju. This is a streamed bun full of bean jam.
 •  View and review the streets of a classic old town. Hiroshima has it all.
 •  Visit the Daisho-in temple and Mount Misen. These are two places you don't want to miss out on.
 •  You can never leave without visiting the Hiroshima Memorial park. While on it, get involved with the peace flame and the Cenotaph.

Hiroshima will forever remain a memorable place in the faces of many people. You can never lack something to see or do here.

How Do I get To Hiroshima?

There are several ways to get in and around Hiroshima. But one of the most enjoyable ways is to use the bullet train or Shinkansen. There are many terminals and destination coming from different parts of the country.

You can also use a highway bus. This is among the cheapest means of transport from anywhere in the country.

Travel by air if you are coming from far. There are JAL and ANA airlines that operate several times every day.

Historic Areas in Hiroshima to See

Hiroshima, as discussed above is historical to Japan. It has a huge collection of historical buildings and locations. You can feel any period you wish to from the Edo period and beyond. The most historical areas are:

 •  The Fukuyama castle
 •  The rest house of Hiroshima peace park
 •  Miyajima Machiya Street.
 •  Tomonoura, a port town more than 1000 years old.
 •  Statue of mother and child - the original work of Hongo Shin
 •  The Hiroshima castle
 •  The flame of peace.

Top Things To See and Do in Hiroshima

Getting to Hiroshima can be both exciting and overwhelming. There are so many things to see and do. You need to know where to be each moment of the day.

Get to top attractions in the city including the Peace Park, Mazda museum and Shukkein Garden. The take side trips to Miyajima, Onomochi, and Iwakuni.

How Popular is Hiroshima Compared to Other Japan Cities?

One of the reasons why Hiroshima is so popular is the atomic bombing of 1945. Because of this, the city will always remain as the first city in human history to experience such horrors of war.

But what is more amazing is how it survived to be what it is today. It is among the largest cities in the nation of Japan, holding great historical things.

Best Places to Shop in Hiroshima

Many visitors come to Hiroshima every year. And each time, they cannot leave without getting the best of what the city has to offer. The top places to shop in this regard include:

 •  Hiroshima Hondori Shotengai - you can buy everything you need here.
 •  Hiroshima PARCO. The most popular meeting place.
 •  SOGO Hiroshima.
 •  Kamiyochi Shareo. This underground shopping street has everything for everyone.
 •  Tenmaya Hatchobori building. Looking for electronics? This is the place to come to.

Top Temples in Hiroshima

The top temples you should visit in Hiroshima include:

 •  The Mitaki-dera Temple. One of the most famous cherry blossom viewing areas where you become one with nature.
 •  Senko-Ji Temple.
 •  The Itsukushima shrine
 •  Daisho-in, a temple for the imperial family.
 •  Daigan-Ji Temple.
 •  Buttsu-Ji temple

Best Time to Visit Hiroshima

Visiting Hiroshima depends on the time you want to be there. You need to know the best time what to expect with every season before you get there. Anytime is a great time to come to Hiroshima, so you can count on having the best time.

It might snow between January and March so come prepared with warm clothes. It is fresh and greenery between April and June. This is perhaps the perfect time to be here.

What is Hiroshima Known For?

Besides the Atomic bomb, Hiroshima is known for other great things including the Okonomiyaki pancake. It has a layer of yakisoba noodles making is different from the Osaka style.

What is the Weather Like in Hiroshima?

Hiroshima experiences different seasons during the year. Many travelers come here throughout the year. The climate comes with distinct patterns and it has more sunny days.

Best Time to Travel to Hiroshima

Best time to travel to Hiroshima should be between April and June. The warm weather will be setting in with green scenes everywhere.

Best Places To Eat

Here is a list of the top restaurants in Hiroshima:

 •  Momonoki
 •  Nakashima
 •  Parco della Pace
 •  Koba
 •  Okonomi-Mura Ikki
 •  Shikuzu
 •  Hassei

Best Sushi Places

Hiroshima has a great collection of Sushi places. The most popular ones include:

 •  Sushitei Hikarimachi
 •  Suishin
 •  Sushi Tel Naka No Tana
 •  Sushidokoro Hitoshi
 •  Sushi Nigiriza

Best Places To See

Hiroshima has everything from historical to modern areas. The best things to see include:

 •  The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park
 •  The Island Shrine of Itsukushima
 •  Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum
 •  Hiroshima castle
 •  Shukkei-en Garden
 •  The Midaki-dera and Fudoin Temples

Best Japanese Style Hotels

Top Hiroshima Ryokans include:

 •  Sansui Ryokan
 •  Tenryu Ryokan
 •  Kasuga Ryokan
 •  Ikawa Ryokan

Where can You See Cherry Blossoms in Hiroshima?

Cherry blossoms in Hiroshima start around April 1st. That means you have to be there from the last week of March to the next three weeks into April. The best places to view them are:

 •  Peace Memorial Park
 •  Hiroshima Castle
 •  Shukkei-en Gardens
 •  Onomichi


Hiroshima is without a doubt one of the greatest Japanese cities. If you are planning to come here, be prepared to experience the most amazing combination of history and modernity. Hiroshima is one of the most visited places in Japan.

The key to enjoying lies in understanding the ins and outs of the city. This guide should be enough to provide you the information.

2024 Hiroshima Japan, Travele Guide - Best Things To See & Do Tips

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