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2024 Happy Father's Day - Top Tips to Surprise Dad on Father's Day and Tips to Be an Inspiring Dad!NEW

2024 Happy Father's Day - Top Tips to Surprise Dad on Father's Day and Tips to Be an Inspiring Dad!
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Date: Sunday, 16 June, 2024       Time: All Day

Top Tips on Father's Day Gifts (Father's Day Gifts)
Father's day is but once a year. However, it is worth scratching your head and having a think about. Why? Because you love your dear old Daddy and you want to get him something which makes him smile. He could have felt more like chauffer or handy man over the years, so making your dad feel special for being so good at fatherhood, makes perfect sense at least once a year.

Finding the right Father's Day Gifts can be tough though. Most dads purchase themselves whatever it is they crave all year round, so it isn't easy to surprise them with something they've said they want but haven't yet bought.

What that means for most of us is that we have to be pretty creative with our Father's Day Gifts. Some inspiration wouldn't go a miss. So, if you're stuck for inspiration, you need look no further than our 5 top Father's day tips:

1. Keep it personal. When you're shopping for father's day gifts you'll see loads of items which address 'dad' but they don't address your dad. If you can, consider getting him something which has been personalised with a pet name, thought or joke. That way he'll be able to see how much consideration and effort you've put in to your present.

Another way to keep Father's Day Gifts personal is to choose those which are useful. Show your dad how well you know him by getting him something which is genuinely useful. If he drinks tea endlessly a personalised mug is perfect, if he forgets important dates a personalised superdad calendar could help. Men tend to like useful things rather than pretty trinkets so keep that in mind and you're sorted.

2. Don't overspend. It's a trap. You think that you can get him several gifts and it'll be fine but mother's day is only a month away and she'd expect the same treatment on her special day too. Otherwise you might seem to be playing favourites. Although mother's day and father's day are important and well worth celebrating, they're not as important to most parents as their birthday, so don't set any overly generous financial presidents.

If you do overspend, you could feel bad when you can't do the same for all your other family members and you might even trample on your brother or sister's toes. Generally speaking, father's day gifts should be thoughtful and modest.

3. Plan ahead. If you like taking your dad out for a meal on father's day you'll need to plan ahead and book in advance because pubs and restaurants book up quick. Similarly, if there's a specific father's day gift you want to buy him, you should do so early and let your siblings know so you don't get the same presents for your father.

If things go wrong on father's day it is almost always because people didn't plan ahead or find out where their dad would be on his special day. Imagine turning up at your dad's house with tickets to see his favourite band (who probably plays live once a century) only to find out he's gone fishing.

4. Make him laugh. Presents can be fun and silly as well as useful and meaningful. It's a scientific fact, that like snowflakes, all fathers are unique! So we won't give you too many ideas here. But if you know what makes your daddy laugh those great big belly laughs that might be a good present to buy him.

If he loves a night out on the town you could take him to a comedy club or get him gig tickets for his favourite stand up. This laughter tip could also be as simple as buying a funny father's day gift or card. Interpret this tip however 'tickles' your fancy.

5. Offer more. You don't have to spend a lot to offer your dad a lot. There's the classic breakfast in bed, for example, which needn't cost a thing. If you're in good shape you could offer to wash the car or mow the lawn or do some weeding, there's probably some housework you could do to help him out or another odd job you could offer a hand with. In short, think about how you can help out more. It needn't be in the short term either.

If you don't see your beloved daddy often, but do live near to him why not have a 'Daddy and Daughter', or 'Father and Son' night once a month where you watch the football, go for a meal or do something else fun together? You could use father's day to kick start the new habit.

After all, it is true that father's day only falls once a year but he's still your daddy all year round.

10 Ways to Be a Better Dad
1. Respect Your Children's Mother
One of the best things a father can do for his children is to respect their mother. If you are married, keep your marriage strong and vital. If you're not married, it is still important to respect and support the mother of your children. A father and mother who respect each other, and let their children know it, provide a secure environment for them. When children see their parents respecting each other, they are more likely to feel that they are also accepted and respected.

2. Spend Time with Your Children
How a father spends his time tells his children what's important to him. If you always seem to busy for your children, they will feel neglected no matter what you say. Treasuring children often means sacrificing other things, but it is essential to spend time with your children. Kids grow up so quickly. Missed opportunities are forever lost.

3. Earn the Right to Be Heard
All too often the only time a father speaks to his children is when they have done something wrong. That's why so many children cringe when their mother says, 'Your father wants to talk with you.' Begin talking with your kids when they are very young so that difficult subjects will be easier to handle as they get older. Take time and listen to their ideas and problems.

4. Discipline with Love
All children need guidance and discipline, not as punishment, but to set reasonable limits. Remind your children of the consequences of their actions and provide meaningful rewards for desirable behavior. Fathers who discipline in a calm and fair manner show love for their children.

5. Be a Role Model
Fathers are role models to their kids whether they realize it or not. A girl who spends time with a loving father grows up knowing she deserves to be treated with respect by boys, and what to look for in a husband. Fathers can teach sons what is important in life by demonstrating honesty, humility and responsibility. 'All the world's a stage...' and a father plays one of the most vital roles.

6. Be a Teacher
Too many fathers think teaching is something others do. But a father who teaches his children about right and wrong, and encourages them to do their best, will see his children make good choices. Involved fathers use everyday examples to help their children learn the basic lessons of life.

7. Eat Together as a Family
Sharing a meal together (breakfast, lunch or dinner) can be an important part of healthy family life. In addition to providing some structure in a busy day, it gives kids the chance to talk about what they are doing and want to do. It is also a good time for fathers to listen and give advice. Most importantly, it is a time for families to be together each day.

8. Read to Your Children
In a world where television often dominates the lives of children, it is important that fathers make the effort to read to their children. Children learn best by doing and reading, as well as seeing and hearing. Begin reading to your children when they are very young. When they are older encourage them to read on their own. Instilling your children with a love for reading is one of the best ways to ensure they will have a lifetime of personal and career growth.

9. Show Affection
Children need the security that comes from knowing they are wanted, accepted and loved by their family. Parents, especially fathers, need to feel both comfortable and willing to hug their children. Showing affection everyday is the best way to let your children know that you love them.

10. Realize that a Father's Job Is Never Done
Even after children are grown and ready to leave home, they will still look to their fathers for wisdom and advice. Whether it's continued schooling, a new job or a wedding, fathers continue to play an essential part in the lives of their children as they grow and, perhaps, marry and build their own families.


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Sunday, 16 June, 2024

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