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Japantown - San Francisco
2018 San Francisco
Explore Japantown in San Francisco in 3 Days

Explore JapanTown in San Francisco for 3 days
San Francisco and Japantown Tips

If you are going to Seattle and want to know about Japanese history you will need a few days to see everything. Seattle is a beautiful city and there is much to do but you need 2-3 days.

August weather is a beautiful time to visit. We will summarize the tips here.

"The Panama Hotel and Tea House, at 605 1/2 S. Main St., anchors what was once the heart of Seattle's Nihonmachi, Japantown, It was built in 1910 by the city's first Japanese architect, and for the next three decades, the lower floors of the five-story workingman's hotel were home to a laundry, dentist, tailor, pool hall, book store, florist, sushi shop and sento, a Japanese-style public bathhouse." - The Seattle Times

San Francisco JapanTown Background Prior to World War II, the Japanese-American community resided in an area 15 blocks north of Jackson Street, known as Nihonmachi (or Japantown). Their influence can be seen all the way back to the late 1800s, when Dearborn Street was named Mikado Street and Japanese-owned-and-operated businesses flourished in the area. For half a century, Japantown thrived with bathhouses, dry goods stores, tailors and barber shops. This all changed, following the

List of Stores in Japantown, San Francisco 1) Minakei Restaurant, 304 6th Avenue South, Seattle WA 98104, 206-622-2631
A landmark restaurant and building. You have to call to make reservations, leave a message of time and party size. They will call you back or page.