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2022 Cherry Blossom Festival Event, Allen County Public Library (Performances, Crafts, Martial Arts, Tea Ceremony, Japanese Food..)NEW

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2022 Cherry Blossom Festival Event, Allen County Public Library (Performances, Crafts, Martial Arts, Tea Ceremony, Japanese Food..)
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Date: Sunday, 15 May, 2022       Time: 5:00 pm
Allen County Public Library
900 Library Plz
Fort Wayne, IN 46802

For Map Directions: Click Orange Icon

Cherry Blossom Festival Event Fort Wayne. For 5 hours, Noon to 5 pm, the downtown Allen County Public Library will be alive with Japanese arts, crafts and culture, from our popular Goldfish Catch and games for kids to Karaoke for older folks. Activities will take place on the Plaza, in the Great Hall, in the downstairs auditorium, the Gallery, The Teen Department, the Globe Room and in Children’s Services.

Five hours ... so little time and so much to do!!! Come and experience a little bit of Japan! See why thousands of people visit the Cherry Blossom Festival in Fort Wayne each year.

What do you think of when you hear "Japan"? Cherry blossoms, kimono-clad ladies, exotic musical instruments, chopsticks, sushi, samurai, martial arts, tea ceremony, origami, silk, anime characters, bonsai trees......

The Fort Wayne Cherry Blossom Festival has it all! For 14 years we have introduced Japanese culture in many forms to Northeast Indiana and the surrounding states.

Do you enjoy watching Japanese folk dancing? We have it.

How about the amazing sound of the Taiko drums? We have it.

Are you interested in traditional Japanese Koto music or contemporary Classical Japanese music? Our featured 2022 artists from New York will be the Miyabi Koto and Shamisen Ensemble. You will also be able to enjoy modern Japanese Anime music performed by Spirit Bomb. And Murotani & company will play Japanese music for trumpet and other instruments.

At our festival, you can not only draw Anime, but dress up as your favorite Anime character for the Cosplay contest.

And to help you remember your experiences, we have many vendors selling all things “Japanese”, from simple souvenirs to kimonos direct from Japan.

Would you like to participate in the Tea Ceremony and learn its meaning? You can.

Perhaps you would like to see a beautiful kimono close up or try one on for photos? You can do it here.

Are you a crafty person? Come learn how to make beautiful origami paper creations.

What about the taste of Japanese food? Our food vendors offer a variety of taste adventures, including sushi, teriyaki, yakisoba, mochi ice cream and more!

Perhaps you like ACTION! Watch the Martial Arts demonstrations.

Have you ever wondered how those tiny bonsai trees are developed? Come and learn.

Kendama expert, Michael Tsugawa, will be on hand to demonstrate the art of Kendama, and you will be able to buy your own kendama as well.

Event Date
May 15th, 2022

Event Time
12 pm - 5:00 pm

Event Location
Allen County Public Library900 Library Plz, Fort Wayne, IN 46802 , USA

Event Title
2022 Cherry Blossom Festival, Allen County Public Library (Performances, Crafts, Martial Arts, Tea Ceremony, Japanese Food..)


Sunday, 15 May, 2022

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Cherry Blossom Festival, Allen County Library

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