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2019 Bon Odori Dance Practice - Buddhist Church of Lodi (M/W/F)
2019 Bon Odori Dance Practice - Buddhist Church of San Francisco (M/W/F) - 7:30 pm
2019 Bon Odori Practice - Long Beach Japanese Cultural Center Japanese Festival (LBJCC) (Mon/Wed)
2019 San Jose Bon Odori Dance Practice - Buddhist Church Betsuin (Mony/Wed/Thu)
2019 Bon Odori Practice - San Fernando Valley Hongwanji Buddhist Temple (Tu/Th)
2019 Bon Odori Dance Practice - Gardena Buddhist Church (Tu/Th)
2019 Bon Odori Dance Practice - Nishi Hongwanji Buddhist Temple (Tuesday/Thursday)
2019 Bon Odori Dance Practice - Pasadena Buddhist Temple (Tu/Th)
2019 Bon Odori Dance Practice - Oxnard Buddhist Temple (Tue & Thu)
Japanese Friendship Garden - A Traditional Japanese Garden, Winding Paths, Zen Garden, Koi Pond, & Ceremonial Gate - Balboa Park, San Diego
2019 Bon Odori Practice - Guadalupe Buddhist Church - Veteran's Memorial Cultural Building (Wednesday)
2019 Bon Odori Practice - Las Vegas Sangha (Saturday)
2019 New York Buddhsit Church Odori Practice

2019 Spokane Buddhist Obon Odori Practice (Learn the Dances During the Obon Festival)Newly Listed

Date: Monday, 8 July, 2019       Time: 5:00 pm
Spokane Buddhist Temple
927 S. Perry
Spokane, WA 99202

Phone: (509) 534-7954
Website: Click to Visit

Spokane Buddhist Obon Odori practices start in June and right before Spokane Buddhist Obon Festival. 

Please wear comfortable clothing and footwear.  

Obon Dance Practice Dates
07/08/2019, 07/22/2019, 07/29/2019, 08/05/2019

Ondo Practice Days

Ondo Dance Practice Time
5:00 pm 


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Obon Bon Odori Location
Spokane Buddhist Temple927 S. Perry, Spokane, WA 99202

Obon Bon Odori Title
2019 Spokane Buddhist Temple Obon Odori Practice


Monday, 8 July, 2019

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Spokane Buddhist Temple Obon Festival

Phone: (818) 825-9583
Website: Click to Visit



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