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2024 Hello Kitty Cafe Truck Event - Del Amo Mall, Torrance (Hello Kitty Cakes, Donuts, Macarons and Other Sweets! Hello Kitty Super Cute Merch!)
2024 Annual Oakland Obon Festival (Food Bazaar, Ikebana, Tea Ceremony, Koto Performance, Bon Odori, etc.) BCO Buddhist Church of Oakland
2024: 9th Annual Oita Japan Festival (Celebrate the Culture of Japan at the Oita Japan Festival!)#OitaATX
2024: 28th Annual Japanese Fall Festival Event - Mizumoto Stroll Garden (Japanese Culture, Food, Performances, Live Taiko, Samurai Sword..) 3 Days
2024: 36th Annual Southern California Japanese Surfing Contest (Surfers From All Over Japan & Southern California for Thrilling Display of Skill..)
2024 Annual Tacoma Obon & Bon Odori Festival Event (Live Taiko, Japanese Food, Beer Garden..) Tacoma Buddhist Temple (Saturday)
2024 Annual Summer Bazaar - Berkeley Higashi Temple (Japanese Food, Games, Crafts, Raffle, etc.) Sunday
2024 Take Akari: Bamboo Lights: Experience the World of Illuminated Bamboo at the Morikami
2024 BON Fest Chicago Festival Event / 盆フェスト・シカゴ  - Japanese Art Foundation and Japanese Culture Center
2024 Obon Weekend at Morikami (Stroll the Gardens, Fill Out Tanzaku Slips, Launch a Lantern, Memory of Lost Loved Ones, Live Taiko..) 2 Days
2024 OAA Annual Picnic: A Tradition Since 1930's (Performances, Games, Raffles, & the Only Okinawan Bon Dance in LA) Okinawa Association of America
2024 - 16th Annual Sake and Food Tasting Event in the Park (Over 50 of Sake and Shochu, and 22 Food & Beverage Providers)
2024 Hello Kitty Cafe Truck West, Tacoma Mall, WA Appearance (Pick-Up Some Supercute Treats and Merch)

Japan Information and Culture Center (JICC)


Event Location

1150 18th Street NW
Suite 100
Washington, DC 20036
Map of Japan Information and Culture Center (JICC), 1150 18th Street NW, Washington

The Japan Information and Culture Center (JICC) is a vital institution operated by the Embassy of Japan in various countries, serving as a bridge between Japan and the host nation. Its primary mission is to promote mutual understanding and cultural exchange between Japan and the local community. JICCs are dedicated to showcasing the rich tapestry of Japanese culture, history, language, and contemporary society.

One of the core functions of JICC is cultural promotion. They frequently organize a wide array of cultural events, exhibitions, and performances that provide a glimpse into the heart of Japan. These events encompass traditional Japanese arts, such as tea ceremonies, ikebana, and calligraphy, as well as modern cultural phenomena like anime and pop culture. By sharing these aspects of Japanese culture, JICC fosters cross-cultural appreciation and deepens the connection between Japan and the host country.

Education also plays a significant role at JICC. Many centers offer Japanese language courses for individuals interested in learning the language. These courses cater to both beginners and advanced learners, serving as a valuable resource for those wishing to explore Japan's linguistic richness. Workshops and seminars on various cultural topics are also organized, providing opportunities for participants to engage with experts and deepen their understanding of Japan.

Moreover, JICC serves as an essential information hub for all things Japan-related. They distribute informative materials, brochures, and publications about Japan's history, politics, economy, society, and more. Whether someone is researching Japanese culture or planning a trip to Japan, the center is a valuable resource for acquiring accurate and up-to-date information. Additionally, JICC often hosts public lectures and presentations by Japanese experts, contributing to a broader dialogue between the host nation and Japan. These informative talks cover a diverse range of Japan-related subjects and foster a sense of shared knowledge and understanding.



Phone: (202) 238-6900

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