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2019 Japanese Gourmet Fair (Torrance, Costa Mesa) Delicious Gourmet Food, Snacks From all Over Japan, Premium Seafood & Wagyu Bento Boxes..Newly Listed

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Date: Friday, 15 February, 2019       Time: All Day
    No Additional Dates.                   
Mitsuwa Marketplace - Torrance
21515 S Western Ave.
Torrance, CA 90501

Phone: (310) 782-6800
Website: Click to Visit

Our annual Japanese Gourmet Fair is coming! Visit our Torrance and Costa Mesa stores from 6/8-6/18 for a fantastic selection of delicious gourmet food, snacks, and more from all over Japan! Our Torrance store will feature such items as premium seafood and wagyu bento boxes, and you can find more great seafood bento boxes and fried fish cakes cooked fresh in store at our Costa Mesa location! Stay tuned for more information on this upcoming event!

Check out our most current sales information online, and view upcoming sales below for a great selection of quality Japanese food!

Feb 8 - 18, 2019

Torrance & Costa Mesa Stores

Torrance Store 2/8(Fri) - 2/18(Mon)

Our Torrance store will offer special food items from Japan such as famous mackerel sushi, croquettes, and Ohagi from Hokkaido as well as dashi soup stock and honey from Kyushu. The store also will host a live demo of wagyu bendo-making and more.

Hikitaya is well known for its delectable mackerel sushi at Kushiro Station in Hokkaido, which comes wrapped in thinly sliced daikon radish. Additionally, Hikitaya will sell Crab Chirashi Sushi and Seafood Premium Bento Boxes that they will make on site.

Maruhiro Ota
Maruhiro Ota will demonstrate and sell croquettes that are made with Hokkaido’s high-quality Irish Cobbler potatoes. Their most popular croquettes are Jumbo Crab Croquette and croquettes that contain whole shrimps or scallops. Nine types of delicious croquettes are available, so come and try them all!

Kiyomiya will make and sell bento boxes that contain very popular Japanese wagyu steak as well as boxes that have both jumbo scallops and steak.

Okabeseifunjo from Hokkaido will demonstrate the creation of traditional Japanese sweets, Daifuku and Ohagi, using Hokkaido soybeans. These sweet treats will be available at the store.

Sugi Bee Garden
Sugi Bee Garden from Kumamoto, Japan, is well-known for its handcrafted, premium honey products that can be enjoyed directly or mixed with water or soda. Sugi Bee Garden will showcase a variety of their fresh fruit juice and honey products.

Aji no Hyoshiro is famous among Japanese gourmet for its premium Dashi (Japanese soup stock) products. Their simple-to-use “Gomen Tsuyu Soup Base”, along with the multi-purpose “Tsuyu Soup Base”, will enhance the flavors in any dish. These choice products are considered the secret to authentic Japanese cuisine.

Yamacho is renowned for their vast selection of well-seasoned, gourmet seafood products. Their products, made with premium ingredients from Hokkaido, Japan, are pretty much guaranteed to make your mouth water after just one sniff.

Costa Mesa Store 2/8(Fri) - 2/18(Mon)

The Costa Mesa store will offer food items from Hokkaido such as seafood bento boxes containing crab and ikura, seafood croquettes, and the Ikameshi bento that’s very popular at train stations in Japan as well as sweets.

Otaruekikounai Tachiurishokai
Otaruekikounai Tachiurishokai will make and sell luxurious seafood boxes filled with crab, uni and ikura as well as seafood Inari sushi.

Ikameshi Abeshoten
Ikameshi Abeshoten’s Ikameshi Bento Box is one of Japan’s most popular bento box, sales wise, at train stations in Japan. Ikameshi is a flavorful rice dish cooked with squid and flavored with a spicy and sweet sauce.

Mori No Croquette
Coming all the way from Hokkaido, Japan, Mori no Croquette are bringing back their famous croquettes to Mitsuwa! Attendees will enjoy 10 delicious croquettes prepared with the most premium ingredients of Hokkaido and filled with fresh seafood, potato, corn, and many other soul-warming ingredients.

Hokkaido Kokubo
Hokkaido Kokubo will offer delicious cream puffs and eclairs containing homemade custard made with authentic Hokkaido ingredients including the milk and eggs as well as high-quality sweets such as green tea cheesecake and tarts made with quality green tea from Uji in Kyoto.


Friday, 15 February, 2019

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Website: Click to Visit


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