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2019 West Los Angeles Buddhist Temple Annual Summer Obon Festival (Different Times) - WLA (2 Days) Live Taiko, Japanese Food, Children Games..
2019 Gardena Buddhist Church Obon Festival & Bon Odori (2 Days) This is the Largest Japanese Obon Festival in the South Bay Area
2019 Higashi Hongwanji Annual Summer Obon Festival & Bon Odori (2 Days) Japanese Food Booths, Beer, Bingo, Taiko (HappyFunSmile Performs Live 6 pm)
2019 Nisei Week Grand Parade on Sunday (4 pm) - Little Tokyo (One of the Largest & Most Exciting Events of the Year)  Tips
2019 Japan Night - Dodgers vs Angels at Dodger Stadium - Exclusive Japan Night T-Shirt.* Fireworks!
2019 Vista Buddhist Temple Summer Obon Festival (2 Days) Japanese Food, Taiko, Dancing, Origami, Martial Arts, Boutique Items, Games..
2019 - 81st Annual Ginza Bazaar & 88th Bon Odori Street Festival - Buddhist Church of San Francisco (Different times)
2019 Annual 63rd Diablo Japanese Summer Festival - Bon Odori (2 Days) Japanese Food Booths, Taiko, Games..
2019 Buddhist Temple of San Diego Obon Festival & Odori - Music, Cultural Displays, Japanese Food, Snacks, Gifts, etc. (Sat Only) [Video] 2 Locations
2019 - 73rd Annual Japanese Food & Cultural Bazaar - Buddhist Church of Sacramento (2 Day Festival)
2019 Buddhist Church of Oakland Obon Festival (Food Bazaar, Ikebana, Tea Ceremony, Koto Performance, Bon Odori, etc.)
2019 - 31st Las Vegas Buddhist Sanga - Annual Bon Odori Obon & Bazaar Festival - Clark High School (Saturday Only)
2019 - 30th Annual Obon and Taiko Festival, Eugene Oregon - Alton Baker Park (Saturday)

15th Annual 2019 Japanese Classic Car Show - America's 1st & Original Large Scale Japanese Car Show Dedicated to Old School Japanese CarsNewly Listed

Date: Saturday, 21 September, 2019       Time: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Marina Green Park, Long Beach
384 E Shoreline Dr.
Long Beach, CA 90802

Phone: (562) 570-3236
Website: Click to Visit

Annual Japanese Classic Car Show. America's First and Original Large Scale Japanese Car Show
Dedicated to Old School Japanese Cars.

The 15th JCCS Have an Expansive New Location
The Long Beach Marina Green Park in beautiful downtown Long Beach. Located alongside the same roads used for the annual Long Beach Grand Prix, this location was chosen for its spacious accommodations: we can fit much more than our usual 400-car limit, we can offer more than our traditional 55+ vendor booths, and reasonably-priced parking is plentiful.
The epicenter of the Japanese classic-car movement is the annual JCCS event in Long Beach. Every year the owners of the cars that come to JCCS raise their game. Japanese cars are now established as classics, not just “old cars,” and we treat them as such. There will always be customs and modified cars, but there is also a renewed interest in originality and restoration. The hobby is evolving and growing in all directions. It’s happened under our noses, as we watched. 

September 21, 2019

9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Marina Green Park, Long Beach 384 E Shoreline Dr., Long Beach, CA 90802

The ruby is a gemstone that symbolizes love and passion; it is also the 15th anniversary gemstone.The organizers of the Japanese Classic Car Show (JCCS) invite you to join the love and passion on display as more than 550 cars, Japanese classic motorcycles, dozens of vendors and 10,000 attendees visit the 15th JCCS, at Marina Green Park on September 21, 2019. The anniversary is ours; the show displays our love and passion. We are happy to share it with everyone!

Over those 15 years, we have seen some changes. JCCS has been at the forefront of gaining the acceptance of Japanese cars into the world of classic cars here in America. What was once forgotten and discarded is now celebrated and revered. From just a couple of hundred cars attending in 2005, to nearly 600 last year. From a few thousand people through the gate, to more than 10,000 in 2018. We are grateful for the opportunity to have been a pioneering proponent of the idea that Japanese cars and classic cars need not be mutually exclusive. If you’re wondering how the long-simmering grass-roots enthusiasm for old-school Japanese cars finally took off, look no further than JCCS: it is the original, biggest and best Japanese classic-car show you’ll find on American shores.

As always, the JCCS event draws in the diversity that is inherent in the hobby. Factory-stock? Highly modified and customized? American-spec? JDM? Cars not even available in the States?Pick a marque; it will be represented. Some vehicles will have weathered the decades unchanged from factory trim; others have been reborn into performance machines with capabilities that no one dreamed of when these cars were new. What favorites and friends can we expect to see once again this year? What new styles and acquaintances will we discover at the same time?

And don’t forget about JCCS’ popular 9th Annual Japanese Classic Motorcycle Show on the grounds! Japanese bikes pre-dated widespread acceptance of Japanese cars in the States, and this class is a nod to the pioneers who have made JCCS possible. They share other similarities: while displaying a simple, honest beauty in original form, builders modify and dramatically change their rides. The appearance of vintage Japanese motorcycles was a dramatic addition to the show; their wide acceptance with our friends, fans and audience has ensured that we bring them back for another year.

We look forward to celebrating vintage Japanese cars and bikes with you at the 15th annual JCCS, our ruby anniversary, at Marina Green Park on September 21 2019!


Saturday, 21 September, 2019


Classic Car Show
Website: Click to Visit

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