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2023 Go For Broke: Japanese American Soldiers Fighting on Two Fronts (Patriotic Story by Armed Forces & Japanese American Veterans..)
2023 Maple Festival - Seattle Japanese Garden (Origami, Taiko Live, Kendo, Scavenger Hunt..) Oct 5-15, 2023
2023 Taste of Japan San Diego Event (Beautiful Tastes of Japanese Street Food and Culture)
2023 Japanese Fall Festival Akimatsuri (Celebrates the Fall Season with Delicious Food, Games, Raffles, Cultural Demonstrations, and Performances)
2023 Otsukimi Moon-Viewing Party (In Japan, Moonviewing is a Tradition Where the Harvest Moon is Regarded as a Symbol of Blessings and Abundance)
2023 Japanese Maple Event (Learn All About Japanese Maples)
2023 J-Sei Family Festival (Celebrating “Keiro no Hi” Respect for Aged Day, A Time to Honor Our Elders & Celebrate with Our Families..)
2023 Shadow and Light Exhibition (Artworks from Mid-20th Century to Present Day that Explore the Relationship Between Light & Shadow)
2023 Hello Kitty Cafe Truck, SanTan Viillage, AZ (Pick-Up Super-Cute Treats & Merch, While Supplies Last!)
2023 Hello Kitty Cafe Truck, Arrowhead Towne Center, AZ (Pick-Up Super-Cute Treats & Merch, While Supplies Last!)
2023 Hello Kitty Cafe Truck, Valley Plaza Mall, Bakersfield CA (Hello Kitty Super Cute Merch!)
2023 Hello Kitty Truck West, Plaza West Covina, CA (Pick-Up Super-Cute Treats & Merch, While Supplies Last!)
2023 Wakamatsu Tea & Silk Farm Colony Pilgrimage-1st Settlement of Japanese in America (Bus & Bento, Bon Odori Dancing, Taiko, Tours & Exhibits..)

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