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2023 - 18th Annual Japanese Classic Car Show Event-America's 1st & Original Large Scale Japanese Show Dedicated to Old School Cars, Marina Green Park
Yayoi Kusama's Infinity Mirror Rooms - Two of Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirror Rooms-On View at The Broad
2023 The Samurai Collection - 25 Year Collection Focused on Japanese Samurai Armor - Largest Collection Outside of Japan-Anne & Gabriel Barbier-Muller
A Beautiful Japanese Rock Garden in Traditional Japanese Style, USC Campus (Video) Landscape Composed Arrangements of Rocks (Aid for Meditating)
2023 - 14th Annual Aki Matsuri Japanese Festival Event (Japanese Culture, Bon Odori Dancing, Arts, Taiko, Performances, Music and Japanese Food)
2023 - 23rd Annual Orlando Japan Festival in Kissimmee Event - Showcasing the Japanese Culture (Authentic Music, Dance, Martial Arts, Cosplay..)
2023 Yayoi Kusama's Longing for Eternity - On View at The Broad
2023 Studio Ghibli Fest Event - 6th Annual Studio Ghibli Fest to Experience the Wonder of Beloved, Groundbreaking Animated Films
2023 Samurai Splendor: Sword Fittings from Edo Japan (Must-See for Anyone Interested in Japanese Art, History, or Culture) Ongoing Exhibit
Universal Studios Hollywood - ‘Super Nintendo World’ Opened Feb 17, 2023 (New Video!)
2023 Portland Japanese Garden to Receive Centuries-Old Gate (From a Castle Gate Originally Built in the 17th Century)
2023 Greater Kansas City Japan Festival (Performances, Taiko, Bazaar, Children Activities, Workshops, Martial Arts..)
2023 Oak Glen-Apple Season and the Most Amazing Scenic Car Drive: Pick Your Own Apples, Apple Pie, Hay Ride, Mountain Air, Apple Tasting, Pony Rides..

Cynthia Kadohata


Event Location

, CA
Map of Cynthia Kadohata, ,

Family Background:  My father's parents married in Japan and immigrated in the early 1920s to the United States, where they became tenant farmers near Costa Mesa, California. My paternal grandfather was killed in a tractor accident when my father was a little boy.  My father helped pick celery on the farm and did very little schoolwork.  Today he says, 'When I was fifteen I had about a fourth grade education.'  Two of my uncles on my father's side died fighting for Japan in World War II.  My father never met them.  Meanwhile my father served with the U.S. Military Intellgence Service.  He met my third paternal uncle when he (my father) was stationed in Japan after the war.

My mother and her mother were born in Southern California. The family moved to Hawaii in the 1930s.  My maternal grandfather, who was a graphic artist, was an orphan and nobody knows where he came from.  He drowned off the coast of Hawaii when my mother was seven.  My mother says his last words to her were, 'Be good.'  Her mother supported the family as a waitress in Hawaii before moving to Chicago.  I have six aunts and uncles on my mother's side. My youngest uncle is just a year older than me!

I was born in Chicago in 1956.  We moved to Georgia, where my father found a job as a chicken sexer.  Then when I was about two, he found a chicken-sexing job in Arkansas, where we lived until I was almost nine.

My sister lived in Asia for twenty years but now lives in Boston.  My brother lives nearby me in the Los Angeles area.  My sister and I were born in Chicago, my brother in Arkansas.

Education:   BA in journalism from the University of Southern California.  

First story I ever wrote:  I wrote a story about a planet that was inhabited entirely by ducks that had just one leg apiece.  I called this story The One-Legged Ducks.  I thought it was brilliant.  I sent the story to the Atlantic, which is a very hoity-toity magazine where they publish some of the best short stories in the country.  This became my first rejection as a writer!

Background specific to Kira-Kira:  Here’s something I shouldn’t admit: One absolutely true fact from the book is that even when I was a small girl I often ate five tacos in one meal.  My record was six.  My family was kind of impressed and kind of horrified.  It made them wonder what would become of me when I grew up.  Today I eat three tacos at a sitting.

I lived in Georgia and Arkansas and spoke with such a heavy Southern accent that when I moved up north nobody could understand a word I said.  My teacher threatened to put me in speech therapy if I didn't lose my accent.  My sister’s name is Kim and I called her Kee-uhm.  My nickname was Nee because that was the way my little brother pronounced Cindy.

Hobbies: I’m a road hawg!  I love to travel around this amazing country.  The beautiful landscape, the highways – I love it.  Traveling, seeing the country, is one of the things from which I derive my “writing energy.”  Just thinking about the American landscape and focusing on it puts me in touch with what I think of as the real, essential me.  I have to be in touch with this real, essential me whenever I sit down to write.  



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