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2024 Mountain View Buddhist Temple Obon and Bazaar Event (Bon Odori Dancing, Taiko, Food, Live Entertainment, Games, Cultural Exhibits..) 2 Days
2024 Tanabata (Star Festival) at Birmingham Botanical Gardens (Enjoy Japanese Cultural Activities, Japanese Tradition Making  Wishes & Hanging..)
2024 Honda Indy Toronto [Video Onboard Lap on the Streets of Toronto] #IndyCar
2024 - 4th Annual Nova Vita Foundation Natsu Matsuri Festival Event (Food Vendors, Activities, Martial Arts, Taiko, Performers, Hula..) (Video)
2024 Fresno Obon Odori Practice: Bring Uchiwa, Tenugui and Kachi Kachi - Fresno Betsuin Buddhist Temple
2024 All Things Japanese Sale, Japanese Cultural & Community Center of Washington & Nikkei Museum
2024 - 78th Annual Fresno Obon Odori Festival Event (Japanese Food, Bon Odori Dancing, Raffle, Lanterns, Beer..) Saturday
2024 Eden Bazaar Event (Japanese Food, Games & Fun!) Eden Township Japanese Community Center, San Lorenzo
2024 Historic Annual Moiliili Summer Festival Celebration Event - Largest Bon Dance for the Summer on Oahu (Dance, Food..)
2024 San Mateo Obon Odori (Sat) San Mateo Buddhist Temple Obon Odori
2024 San Mateo Buddhist Temple Annual Bazaar Event (Traditional Japanese Foods, Live Taiko Performances, Crafts, Games..) (2 Days, Diff Hours)
2024 Annual Marysville Obon Summer Festival Event (Live Taiko, Japanese Food, Bon Odori Dancing..) Saturday
2024 Nisei Week Ondo Dance Practice: JACCC Plaza, Little Tokyo, LA (Everyone Welcome to Dance or Watch) Tue/Thu

Kaz the Soba Place (Cold Japanese Hand-Made Noodles)


Event Location

2047 Sawtelle Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025
Map of Kaz the Soba Place (Cold Japanese Hand-Made Noodles), 2047 Sawtelle Blvd, Los Angeles

Kaz's buckwheat is made from organic buckwheat flour produced by contract farmers in Linneus, Maine.

Linneus is located at 47 degrees north latitude, which is in the middle of the wilderness, close to the Canadian border. Our variety is ‘Kitawase’ originally from Hokkaido, Japan, and it is prized for its superior qualities in soba noodle production.

Kaz's soba is characterized by its aroma and smoothness.

The Grind
Since the texture and aroma of buckwheat noodles vary depending on how the buckwheat is ground, Kaz uses only stone-ground buckwheat flour, which is ground at a slow rotation rate of about 18 revolutions per minute. We also sift the stone-ground buckwheat flour through a rough mesh to create a more aromatic buckwheat flour.

There are three most essential factors in making delicious soba noodles.' Freshly ground,' 'Freshly made', and 'Freshly boiled'.

To make this happen, we obtain freshly-ground buckwheat directly from the producer and adjust the ratio of buckwheat and water according to the subtle differences in temperature and humidity every day to provide our customers with the best quality soba.

Buckwheat helps control blood sugar levels, making it a healthy choice for people with type 2 diabetes. What's more, it may boost heart health by improving blood pressure and your blood lipid profile. These are proved by NIH and other credible organization's researches.



Phone: (424) 293-8111

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