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2022 Annual Tacoma Buddhist Temple Obon & Bon Odori Festival Event (Saturday) Live Taiko, Japanese Food, Beer Garden - Tacoma Buddhist Temple
2022 BON Fest Chicago Festival Event / 盆フェスト・シカゴ  - Japanese Art Foundation and Japanese Culture Center
2022 Japanese Fall Festival (Japanese Culture, Food, Performances..) 3 Days
2022 Calligraphy Youth Workshop Event- Write Japanese Words with Ink & Brush, 2 Traditional Calligraphy Hands-on Workshop
2022 Tanabata Event- Make a wish for the Star Festival, Tanabata! - Morikami
2022 Hello Kitty Cafe Truck - Fresno Event (Hello Kitty Cakes, Donuts, Macarons and Other Sweets!  Hello Kitty Super Cute Merch!)
2022 Hello Kitty Cafe Truck Event - San Jose - Santana Row (Hello Kitty Cakes, Donuts, Macarons and Other Sweets!  Hello Kitty Super Cute Merch!)
2022 San Francisco Obon Festivities Event - Bon Odori Dancing on Octavia Street
2022 Tanabata Wish-Making Station Event - Join Us at the Japanese Garden for this Colorful Celebration (July 1 - 7, 2022)
2022 Midori Kai Arts & Crafts Boutique Event
2022 Toro Nagashi Festival Event (2 Days: Fri/Sat) Performances, Taiko, Floating Lanterns is a Ceremony to Honor Those Who Passed, Beer & Sake Garden
2022 - 76th Annual Fresno Obon Festival Event (Saturday) Food, Bon Odori Dancing..
2022 Origami in the Garden - 70 Museum-Quality Metal Sculptures Inspired by Japanese Art of Folding Paper (May - Oct 16, 2022) Kevin & Jennifer Box

Hammond Museum and Japanese Stroll Garden

Hammond Museum and Japanese Stroll Garden | Japanese-City.com

Location Information

28 Deveau Rd
North Salem, NY 10560

For Map Directions: Click Orange Icon

A Stroll Garden does not reveal itself all at once. Rather, paths are meant to lead from a view of the pond to a view of a distant landscape. The design of a path directs one's progression through the garden: large stepping stones slow the walk, encouraging contemplation of the view, while row after row of smaller, more uniform stones create a feeling of excitement or anticipation for an approaching feature. The 'journey' through a Stroll Garden is meant to be a highly orchestrated voyage to a deeper understanding of nature.

Westerners are accustomed to the concept that the Garden as a whole is a metaphor - the garden as Eden, for example. Even Voltaire exhorted his 18th-century audience, 'Cultivate your own garden!' he was obviously not referring to a vegetable patch or perennial border, he was referring to gardens metaphorically. Japanese gardening techniques take this idea much further. Not only is the garden as a whole a microcosm of the world but each path, indeed each rock that makes up the path, is a metaphor for something else.

The concept that individual components of the garden symbolize different ideas is strictly an Eastern notion. In Japan, the iconography is so well known that modern designers will often 'quote' famous gardens of the past knowing that visitors will understand the reference.

Although the various garden types, the Hill and Pond, Dry Landscape, Stroll, Tea and Courtyard gardens, often overlap, within them certain restrictions apply. A Japanese landscape designer uses these types, as well as other devices such as composition and texture much as an artist uses different mediums and imagery to convey his message.

Far from being rigid and abstract, a successful Japanese garden is a sensual experience. It incorporates sound - the crunching of pebbles underfoot, the wind through the bamboo: sight - the beauty of the arrangement of the garden as a whole; touch - the singular sensation of pine branches brushing against your arm; and smell - the gentle aroma of the katsura trees in early autumn.

The Japanese garden invites contemplation: every design element is carefully planned to give structure to an idea. The rocks, sand, water and plants create a microcosmic universe in which the whole is more than the sum of its parts.

Garden Views
In a Japanese garden, nothing is natural or left to chance. Each plant is chosen according to aesthetic principles, either to hide undesirable sights, to serve as a backdrop to certain garden features, or to create a picturesque scene, like a landscape painting or postcard. It's been the beautiful backdrop for many memorable weddings and photographic events.


Phone: (914) 669-5033
Location Website Website: Click to Visit

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