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2019 Annual Hokkaido Fair - Torrance Store (Delicious Seafood Items, Bento Boxes, Ikameshi Squid Rice, Gourmet Crab Item, Sweets & more..)
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2019 Annual Hokkaido Fair - Torrance Store (Delicious Seafood Items, Bento Boxes, Ikameshi Squid Rice, Gourmet Crab Item, Sweets & more..)Newly Listed

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Date: Sunday, 15 September, 2019       Time: All Day
Mitsuwa Marketplace - Torrance
21515 S Western Ave.
Torrance, CA 90501

Phone: (310) 782-6800
Website: Click to Visit

Our Torrance store will offer special food items from Hokkaido such as gourmet crab and seafood chirashi sushi, a variety of croquettes, and the Ikameshi squid rice bento that’s very popular at train stations in Japan as well as pottage soup with Hokkaido-sourced ingredients. Additional offering includes Rokkatei, which is most famous sweets company in Japan, and selected variety of products from Hokkaido, Japan.

Hokkaido Fair - Food Festival Dates
9/13 (Fri) - 9/23 (Mon) - 2019

The following exhibitors participate from Hokkaido, Japan!

Exhibitors includes

Otaruekikounai Tachiurishokai
Otaruekikounai Tachiurishokai will make and sell luxurious seafood chirashi sushi filled with crab, ikura and salmon as well as seafood Inari sushi.

Ikameshi Abeshoten
Ikameshi Abeshoten’s Ikameshi squid rice bento box is one of Japan’s most popular bento box, sales wise, at train stations in Japan. Ikameshi is a flavorful rice dish cooked with squid and flavored with a spicy and sweet sauce.

Mori No Croquette 
Coming all the way from Hokkaido, Japan, Mori no Croquette are bringing back their famous croquettes to Mitsuwa!

Attendees will enjoy 9 delicious croquettes prepared with the most premium ingredients of Hokkaido and filled with fresh seafood, corn, and many other soul-warming ingredients.

Yamacho is renowned for their vast selection of well-seasoned, gourmet seafood products.

Their products, made with premium ingredients from Hokkaido, Japan, are pretty much guaranteed to make your mouth water after just one sniff.

Corn pottage using Hokkaido’s sweet corn, scallop pottage made with Hokkaido scallops, pumpkin pottage using Hokkaido pumpkins. Come try pottage soups made with authentic Hokkaido ingredients!

Sunday, 15 September, 2019

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Hokkaido Fair - Mitsuwa Torrance
Website: Click to Visit

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