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2024 Sendai Japan, Travel Guide - Best Things To Do & See

The Complete Guide to Historic Sendai Japan: Hotels, Sushi, Places
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Sendai, Japan Travel Guide

The best way to plan your tour is to pick the right destination. And in this case, Sendai, Japan, is one of the world's top tourist attractions.

Sendai is best known for its history as not just a modern city but one that has a long history in Japan. Hence, you want to get the best out of your visit.

If you are planning to come here soon, it is important to have a plan. Know what to expect in Sendai, and you will have the best time of your life.

In this guide, we will be sharing the best things to do here. Continue reading.

History of Sendai

Sendai's timeline can be divided into two main times, the Edo period and the modern era. They are all part of why the city attracts many visitors both locally and internationally every year.
The Edo period began in 1600, which marks the real beginning of the city. But the area is said to have been inhabited as early as 20,000 years ago.

Daimo Date Masamune relocated to Sendai in 1600 because he was not happy with his previous stronghold Iwedeyama. Sendai was perfect because it offered easy access to Edo (modern-day Tokyo. It was also near the sea, hence easy transport. The area was then written as "a thousand generation" as it held a temple with a thousand Buddha statues. Masamune builds the Sendai Castle and the area around between 1600 and 1601.

The modern Sendai dates back to 1887 when the first railway line to Tokyo was built. It then meant the area was within a day's travel. In 1907, the first university, Tohoku Imperial University, was constructed.

Sendai became an incorporated city on April 1, 1889, following the Meiji restoration. Modern municipalities were created, leading to what we know today as one of Japan's best cities.

Historic Areas in Sendai to See

Sendai is a truly historic area in Japan. The first historic landmark you will meet is the statue of the first lord of Senda, Date Masamune. You can see his vision of the city through the ruins of the city.

Then you can check out the Osaki Hachiman Shrine. This is one of the oldest shrines in the city and has everything you need to know about the city.

The Sendaijo Ato castle will give you a history of Sendai instead of walking in around for a long time. It gives a great panoramic view of the city.

The North Stone walls of the main compound present another idea of the city. It is such an incredible landmark. It is echoed by Sendai Toshogu Shrine and the Site of Shimizumon Gate.

The Iwakiri Castle Ruins and the Site of Sawanomon Gate complete the list of top historic sites in the city. But you cannot finish without looking at the Gofudaimachi Kambanto and the signboard of the Earthquake disaster.

Modern Areas in Sendai to See

The Sendai City Museum carries the history of Sendai. It displays various cultural heritages from the Date family. Even though it carries the history of the city, it has been renovated into a modern city. It is one of the main features within the Sendai Downtown attraction Centre.

Visit the Sendai Port recreation district with an aquarium for maximum enjoyment. There are many more attraction sites you will meet along the way.

Top Things to See and Do in Sendai

Apart from visiting the areas mentioned above, it would be best if you did not miss the gyutan yaki or grilled beef tongue. This meal originates in Japan, and there are many restaurants. Visit Aoba Castle, the ruins of the former castle of the Date clan.

Sendai Downtown and the Sendai Port offers a great view. You can always have a good time at the Zuihoden Mausoleum that holds Date' family history.

Come to Sendai for the Tanabata Matsuri, a summer festival with wonderful decorations. And then take some side trips to Yamadera, Matsushima, and Sanriku Coast.

How Popular is Sendai Compared to Other Japan Cities?

Sendai is among the most popular cities in Japan. Date built it up as an access root to Edo, which makes it part of the capital. It is, therefore, as famous as Tokyo. Its history is linked to Tokyo, which is perhaps one of the reasons it has grown very popular.

Most Popular Places to Shop in Sendai

Shopping in Sendai is a fun-filled activity. The city is filled with several wonderful shopping malls that have everything you will need to enjoy your stay here. There are more than 90 shopping malls, but the top ones include:

 •  S-Pal Sendai - Shoppping Mall

 •  Mitsui Outlet Park, Sendai Port - Largest Outlet Mall

 •  UNIQLO Sendai AER Building - Tallest Building in Sendai, best views of downtown

 •  Sendai Asaichi

 •  Rakuten Eagles Goods Shop Sendai Station Higashiguchi -

Most Popular Places to Eat in Sendai

There are several restaurants in Sendai, Serving both local and international cuisine. Rakuzo Sendai Aoba-Dori features on top of the list for the most popular restaurants. It serves all Japanese food.

Senzeirizushi serves Japanese and seafood while Gyutan Ryori Kaku Vlandome Hontel deals with Japanese and grill, like Rikyu Sendai Station. They are two of the most affordable restaurants. And if you stick and barbecue, you will enjoy the service at Nikugen Sendal.

Top Temples in Sendai

Zuihoden temple is the mausoleum where Date Masamune is enshrined. It features brilliant, multicolored decoration conserved with cultural aspects.

Rinnoji, to the north of downtown Sendai, is an exceptional temple. It was founded in 1441, and continue to carry a lot of significance to the town history.

Not far from this is the Osaki Hachimangu, a shrine built by Date in 1907. It is echoed by the beauty of the Sendai Toshogu Shrine.

Other temples include:

 •  Myoon-in Temple

 •  Mutsu Kokubunni-Ji Temple Site

Best Time to Visit Sendai The Sendai weather is just like any other in any other place in Japan. There is always something fun happening at any given moment, but the best time March through May. It is spring, and the weather is favorable. But it is also the busiest time considering cherry blossoms. August is fairly slow and winter too cold. It is, therefore, the cheapest period.


Sendai is a wonderful city. And now that you know what to expect, your trip should be more successful. Just be sure to plan well.

guide such as this, you are sure to have the best time of your life in and around the city.

2024 Sendai, Travel Guide - Best Things To See & Do Tips

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