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Denver Buddhist Temple

Denver Buddhist Temple | Japanese-City.com

Location Information

1947 Lawrence Street
Denver, CO 80202

Jodo Shinshu Buddhism is unique among Buddhist paths. It emphasizes everyday Buddhism for ordinary people, rather than monastic Buddhism for spiritually strong (singularly-minded) people. Its a practice, uttering Nembutsu, is Amida Buddha embracing us, rather than us relying on our efforts to attain enlightenment. Nembutsu followers sincerely entrust themselves to true reality, confident that Amida Buddha ensures birth in the Pure Land.

Yet, even in its unique approach, Jodo Shinshu does not differ at all from other Buddhist paths. It awakens us to true reality. It brings us moments of joy and shinjin, and the equanimity to live in the world of birth and death while aware of Amidas unfailing embrace. We do not need to change to attain shinjin; indeed, our efforts only separate us from shinjin. Yet, once we experience shinjin, we are changed. Jodo Shinshu has a rich tradition and expresses a living experience of Buddhism.

Buddhist Churches of America
As a Jodo Shinshu Temple, we are associated with the Buddhist Churches of America (BCA) based in San Francisco, California. The first BCA missionary arrived in California in 1898 under the sponsorship of Nishi Hongwanji, our mother temple in Kyoto, Japan.


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