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2024 Nishi Hongwanji Obon Festival, Los Angeles, Japantown: Bon Odori, Taiko, Bingo, Games, Japanese Food.. (2 Days) Nishi Hongwanji Buddhist Temple
2024 Complimentary Green Tea Service, Japan House (Enjoy a Free Drink & Wi-Fi, Browse Books, & Take in Stunning Views of Los Angeles)
2024 West Los Angeles Obon Festival (Bon Odori, Live Taiko, Japanese Food, Games..) WLA Buddhist Temple Obon (2 Days)
2024 - 92nd Seattle Summer Obon Festival Event (Bon Odori, Japanese Food, Beer Garden, Games, Live Entertainment..) 2 Days - Seattle Buddhist Temple
2024 Gardena Buddhist Church Obon Festival Event & Bon Odori (Taiko, Bon Odori Dancing, Food..) Largest Japanese Obon Festival in Southbay
Yayoi Kusama's Infinity Mirror Rooms - Two of Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirror Rooms-On View at The Broad
2024 Orange County Summer Obon Festival Event (Bon Odori, Taiko, Japanese Food, Games, Crafts..) OCBC (2 Days) Orange County Buddhist Church
2024 Annual Nisei Week Ondo Festival Event (Community Dance Celebration) & Closing Ceremony - Little Tokyo, LA (Sunday)
2024 The Samurai Collection (25 Year Collection Focused on Japanese Samurai Armor - Largest Collection Outside of Japan) Ann & Gabriel Barbier-Muller
2024 - 78th Annual Japanese Food & Cultural Bazaar Event (Japanese Food) Buddhist Church of Sacramento
2024 Heart Mountain Pilgrimage: Preserve and Memorialize the Heart Mountain World War II Japanese American Confinement Site (3 Days: Thu-Sat)
A Beautiful Japanese Rock Garden in Traditional Japanese Style, USC Campus (Video) Landscape Composed Arrangements of Rocks (Aid for Meditating)
2024 San Francisco Bon Odori on Octavia Street (Started 1932, One of the Largest & Oldest Obon Festivals in US) San Francisco Buddhist Church

Medford Public Library


Event Location

205 S Central Ave
Medford, OR
Map of Medford Public Library, 205 S Central Ave, Medford

The Medford Public Library in Oregon stands as a vibrant hub of knowledge and community engagement within the city. Located in the heart of downtown Medford, this institution serves as a vital resource for residents of all ages. The library boasts a rich collection of books spanning various genres, from classic literature to contemporary bestsellers, catering to diverse interests and preferences. Beyond books, patrons can access a plethora of digital resources, including e-books, audiobooks, and online databases, ensuring that information is readily available in the digital age.

With its welcoming atmosphere and dedicated staff, the Medford Public Library fosters a culture of learning and discovery. Visitors can participate in a range of educational programs and events designed to enrich their lives and expand their horizons. From children's storytimes to adult workshops on topics like technology and personal finance, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Additionally, the library offers valuable services such as computer access, printing facilities, and reference assistance, further enhancing its role as a community resource center.

The Medford Public Library is not just a place for solitary study; it's also a vibrant social hub where people come together to connect and collaborate. Whether it's through book clubs, discussion groups, or community events, patrons have ample opportunities to engage with one another and share their love of literature and learning. The library also serves as a venue for cultural performances, author readings, and art exhibitions, enriching the cultural fabric of the city and fostering a sense of civic pride.

In addition to its role in promoting literacy and lifelong learning, the Medford Public Library is committed to serving as a catalyst for positive change in the community. Through outreach programs and partnerships with local organizations, the library addresses pressing social issues and works to empower underserved populations. By providing access to information, resources, and support services, the library plays a crucial role in promoting equity and inclusion and building a stronger, more resilient community for all.

Overall, the Medford Public Library stands as a beacon of knowledge, culture, and community in the heart of southern Oregon. With its extensive resources, diverse programming, and commitment to inclusivity, it continues to enrich the lives of residents and contribute to the social and intellectual vitality of the region.



Phone: (541) 779-3246

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