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2023 Mokuhanga Print Demonstration (An Ancient Traditional Japanese Woodblock Printing Technique Uses Water-Based Inks)
2024 Nihon Buyo in the 21st Century From Kabuki Dance to Boléro (Jan 24 - 26, 2024)
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2023 Sapporo Japan, Travel Guide - Best Things To Do & See

The Complete Guide to Sapporo Japan: Hotels, Sushi, Places
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A Guide to Sapporo, Japan

Japan is indeed a blessed country both in terms of rich culture and development. It has several admirable cities, with world-class rating and Sapporo is one of them. As a country, there is nothing that beats Japan in history events and issues.

Sapporo is one of the major cities that make Japan a huge country. Although it may not be as famous as other major cities like Tokyo and Osaka, it has taken its rightful position as part of modern Japan.

It is a city to the North of the country designed by the government ordinance. With a population of over 1.9 Million people, Sapporo stands as the 5th largest Japan city.

It stands on an area measuring 1121.26 km square, about double the size of Tokyo.

History of Sapporo

No one knows for sure where the word Sapporo originated from. Several people have come up with different theories trying to understand where it all started. Perhaps the most famous theory is that it comes from the indigenous people of Japan, Ainu. The word “Sap,” means ‘dry,’ while the word “Poro” means Wide.

Another theory from the downstream basis of the Toyohira River describes you bring up three words, Sari, meaning wetland, Poro meaning Wide and Pe, which means river.

Sapporo served for many years as the main trading post with Ainu. This was during the Edo period between 1603 and 1868. It was then renamed Hokkaido in 1869 as the Hokkaido Development Commission started developing it.

One of the founding fathers of Hokkaido is considered to be Yoshike Shima. History has it that he stood on the hills of Mt. Maruyama as he elaborated on his dream for the development of the city. The Hokkaido Development Commission then took over the mission of planning and modeling the city into what we see today. It was modeled after Kyoto.

The developments made Sapporo famous with a functional grid of streets and avenues as it becomes the largest producer of potatoes and onions. Later, the railroads were built, turning the city into an even bigger urban center.

The population continues rising until it went over 1 million by 1970. This led to the city becoming the country’s northernmost city designated by government ordinance. It was selected to host the Sapporo Olympic Games during the same period.

Today, Sapporo stands as one of the most attractive cities in the world. It has several tourist attraction sites everyone would love to be part of.

What To Do in Sapporo

There are several fun activities to keep you busy in Sapporo. Consider starting at the Sapporo Snow Festival, Art Park and the Sapporo Beer Museum. You can then get to the Botanical Gardens and the Susukino entertainment district to enjoy a comprehensive nightlife.

The southwest part of the city has the modern Sapporo Station building and the JR Towers. From here, you can easily get a view of the Old Hokkaido Government Building.

The Sapporo Clock Tower to the east and the Sapporo TV Tower to the south are two great landmarks to can’t miss to check out. They have been around for ages, acting as symbols of heritage.

How Do I Get To Sapporo?

There are several options for traveling to Sapporo. The fastest an ofd easiest means is by flight. Sapporo has the New Chitose airport to which you can fly in from Tokyo or Japan. Other cities around the world offer direct flights as well.

From New Chitose Airport, you can get to the city by train by bus. These are also great options for those coming from other different cities for the 2019 rugby world cup.

Historic Areas in Sapporo to See

The Sapporo Beer Garden and Museum are one of the biggest landmarks in the city. This historical area carries a lot of cultural heritage for the city.

Then there is the Hokkaido shrine of 1871, the Nikajima Park, Hassoan teahouse and the Hoheikan guest house constructed in 1880. Don’t forget to visit the Maruyama Park, Hokkaido Shrine and the Mount Okuara Ski Jump Stadium.

The Sapporo Clock Tower, built-in 1878, is another great area to see. Sapporo is rich in great landmarks and historical areas.

Top Things To See and Do in Sapporo

The first place to start would be the Mongolian Barbecue Experience the lets you feast on the delicious meals. From Japan’s first Kaitakushi brewery, you can get the best dining in the city.

What is Included in Sapporo?

 •  Enjoy unlimited prepaid Nano SIM card for Japan

 •  Experience the Sapporo city tour bus

 •  Play with the Japanese harp while wearing a Kimono and get as many photos as you want.

How popular is Sapporo Compared to Other Japan Cities?

Sapporo is the 5th largest city in Japan. With a population of slightly below 2M people, it might not be as famous as other major cities. However, it has reserved its position as one of the most historical cities in Japan built in a contemporary setting. It is therefore quite famous, especially because of its original trading connections for onions and potatoes.

Best Places to Shop in Sapporo

Sapporo has its main shopping districts around the Sapporo Station ad Susukino. At the Sapporo Station, you will find the Apia underground shopping mall, the Paseo Mall, the Daikaru department store as well as the ESTA building.

The Tanuki-koji shopping arcade in Susukino has a good selection of shops. There is also the underground shopping mall, the Nijo fish market, and the Ario Shopping mall.

Top Temples in Sapporo

Sapporo has several Buddhist temples, including:

 •  Shineiji

 •  Zuiriyuuji

 •  Sotoshu Central Temple

 •  Seiganji Temple

 •  Higashihonganji Sappoobetsuin

 •  Daikakui

Best Time to Visit Sapporo

If you are just a fun of traveling and seeing new places, there is no best time to visit Sapporo. Any time of the year bears unique and exciting activities.

However, if you are looking for the best experience, winter is the best season to come here. Although it is not always comfortable, it carries most of what Sapporo has to offer, making you forget about anything else. Choosing the best time to visit Japan is not always easy, but you can put into consideration some of the major events around the country.

What is Sapporo Known For?

The first thing many people notice coming to Sapporo is the beer museum. As such, the city is best known for its eponymous beer. Apart from that, this northernmost Japan city has opened a youthful and welcoming atmosphere since the 1972 Olympic Winter Games.

What is the Weather Like in Sapporo?

If you are planning to visit Sapporo, it is important you understand how the weather is. The months of July, August and September are likely to have the best weather. It is not too hot or cold. August comes with rainfall though. Winter comes in January and February. Other months are fairly cool.

Best Time to Travel to Sapporo

The best time to travel to Sapporo has everything to do with the weather. If you are a fun of snow, then January and February should be just fine. But if that is not your taste, then consider coming towards the end of March and the end of April. This is the time when the cherry blossom happens, and all the fun is here.

Best Places To Eat

When it comes to serving the best meals, Sapporo is one of the places you want to be in Japan. It has several top restaurants, including:

 •  Hanamaru

 •  Nishitondendori Soup Curry Honpo

 •  The Sapporo Beer Garden

 •  Mikuni

 •  Kani-Honke

 •  Aoi Sora

Best Sushi Places

No one can leave Japan without getting the taste of Sushi. Sapporo, as one of the major cities in the country, has several Sushi places. It is not easy to get to all of them, but consider the following:

 •  Kaitenzushi Torit

 •  Nemuro Hanama

 •  Toriton Kaitensus

 •  Machi no Sushiy

 •  Kinzushi

 •  Sushi-go-round

 •  Hanamaru

 •  Nagoyakatei Nishi

 •  Nagoyakatei Shir

 •  Machinosushiya

Best Places to See

There are several great things to see in Sapporo. For a start, get the Beer Museum to experience what the city is best known for. Apart from this and several historic temples, consider as well:

 •  Odori Park and Surrounding Attractions

 •  The Clock and TV Towers

 •  The Jingu Shrine in Maruyama Park

 •  The Shiroi Koibito Park

Best Japanese Style Hotels

Sapporo prides in several Ryokans. These are the hotels that offer the real experience of being in Japan, and they include:

 •  Jyozankei Daiichi Hotel Suzantei

 •  Suichokan

 •  Kuramure

 •  Ginrisou

 •  Hotel Kinwaso

 •  Hotel Sankeien

 •  Nanporo Onsen Heart & Hotel

Where Can You See Cherry Blossoms in Sapporo? No city in Japan does not offer great cherry blossom experience. Sapporo is one of the cities that offer a wonderful viewing time during March and April. The most famous spots include:

 •  The Maruyama Park and Hokkaido Shrine

 •  Odori Park

 •  Moerunuma Park


Sapporo is the 5th largest city in Japan as such, is a good spot for tourists. Since it hosted the Olympic Winter Games a few decades ago, its doors have been wide open to visitors.

Traveling here, however, requires prior knowledge, especially where the weather is involved. With a guide such as this, you are sure to have the best time of your life in and around the city.

2023 Sapporo Japan, Travel Guide - Best Things To See & Do Tips

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