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2024 Annual Cherry Blossom Festival Event at Lima Japanese Garden (Live Music, Crafts, Games, and Activities)
2024 - 61st Annual Japanese Cultural Festival & Ondo Event (Bon Odori Dance, Japanese Food, Games, Taiko, Bingo..) SEJSCC Southeast School (2 Days)
2024 Gardena Buddhist Church Obon Festival Event & Bon Odori (Taiko, Bon Odori Dancing, Food..) Largest Japanese Obon Festival in Southbay
2024 Hina Matsuri, Doll’s Day - March 3rd - Special Time to Pray for the Growth & Happiness of Girls
2024 Pasadena Buddhist Temple - PBWA Maneki Neko 'Lucky Cat' Silent Auction (March 3rd - 16th)
2024 Keiko Matsui: Melodic Maestro: Explore the Soulful Sounds of Jazz Fusion (2 Shows)
2024 The Huntington Commissions Artist Mineo Mizuno for Monumental Outdoor Sculpture: Homage to Nature Debuts on May 25, 2024
2024 OC Japan Fair Cherry Blossom: Japanese Cultural Festival - Day & Night Market (April 19-21, 2024)
2024 Annual Orange County Buddhist Church Annual Summer Obon Festival Event (Bon Odori, Taiko, Japanese Food, Games, Crafts..) OCBC (2 Days)
2024 - 5th Annual Doggo Show! A Canine Themed Art Exhibition - Giant Robot #doggo Show
2024 Hello From Japan!  (Come Visit Tokyo in San Jose & Get an Authentic Peek into Japanese Culture)
2024 Annual Orange County Japan OC Fair Event: One of the Largest Japanese Festivals in Southern Calif. (Japanese Food, Performances & Culture) 3 Days
2024 Hello Kitty Truck West Event, Baybrook Mall, TX (Pick-Up Supercute Treats & Merch, While Supplies Last!)

Camp Amache (Historic Site)

Camp Amache (Historic Site) |

Event Location

Country Rd 23 5/10
Granada, CO 81041
Map of Camp Amache (Historic Site), Country Rd 23 5/10, Granada

Amache sign. Photo courtesy Kirsten Leong.Amache is located in southeastern Colorado about a mile and a half west of the town of Granada and half an hour drive from the Kansas border. It is off of Highway 385/50 along the Santa Fe Trail. You can access the site by going west from Granada on Hwy 385/50 and turning south on CO-Rd 23 5/10. The entrance is found just past W. Amache Rd.

Three interpretive kiosk panels are located at the main entry gate to Amache. The panels give visitors an idea of what happened at the site. One panel is a bulletin board that is used to notify visitors of upcoming events or other important information. There is also a walking trail and picnic tables that the Amache Preservation Society maintains. Along this trail is the National Park Service sign designating the Amache site as a national landmark. Amache Preservation Society members traveled to Denver to buy the large stone that the sign is attached to and that visitors can see today.

The Amache Museum is located in downtown Granada at 205 E. Goff Ave. It is usually open five days a week in the summer. During the school year, it is open on demand Mon-Sat. All tours must be private tours and face masks please. Contact the Granada School at 719-734-5492 or email [email protected] to schedule a visit.

American citizens of Japanese descent were forcibly relocated to ‘Camp Amache’ between 1942 and 1945-the new designation will allow more travelers to hear their stories.

Feb 2024
The situation with Camp Amache (now Amache National Historic Site) is complex and carries mixed emotions for Japanese Americans. Here's a breakdown of what it means:

Firstly, acknowledging the injustice:
• The designation as a National Historic Site acknowledges the historical injustice of the forced incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II. This is significant because it highlights a dark chapter in American history and ensures it's not forgotten.
• For many Japanese Americans and their families, this recognition can be seen as a step towards healing and reconciliation.

Secondly, preserving history and memory:
• As a National Historic Site, the park aims to preserve the site and its history for future generations. This includes the stories of the Japanese Americans who were incarcerated there, their resilience, and their contributions to society despite facing prejudice and hardship.
• The site serves as a lasting reminder of the consequences of prejudice and discrimination and the importance of upholding civil liberties.

However, it's important to acknowledge the complexities:
• While the designation has positive aspects, it doesn't erase the pain and suffering experienced by Japanese Americans during their incarceration.
• Some may view it solely as a historical site without fully addressing the ongoing challenges and inequalities faced by the Japanese American community.
• There are ongoing discussions about ensuring the park accurately represents the experiences and voices of the incarcerated individuals.

In conclusion:
The designation of Camp Amache as a National Historic Site has both positive and challenging aspects for Japanese Americans and their memory. While it acknowledges the historical injustice and aims to preserve history, it's crucial to continue conversations and ensure the site serves as a space for reflection, learning, and promoting understanding and respect for all communities.



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