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Bunka no Hi 2022 - Free Cultural Festival Event Dedicated to Celebrating Japanese Culture
2022 Artist Yayoi Kusama Aftermath of Obliteration of Eternity - The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
2023 - The 61st Annual Sakura Matsuri Japanese Street Festival (Largest Exhibition Event of Japanese Culture in the United States) 2 Days
2022 6th Annual Little Tokyo Present 'Haunted Little Tokyo Block Party 2022' - Use RSVP Form
2022 San Diego Sake Week -  Sake Week is a Week-Long Celebration (Oct 1st-8th, 2022)
2023 Annual Diablo Japanese Summer Festival Event - Bon Odori (2 Days) Japanese Food Booths, Taiko, Games..
2022 Memphis Japan Festival Memphis Botanic Garden - Celebrate the History, Culture & People of Japan
2022 Life Cycles | A Bamboo Exploration with Tanabe Chikuunsai IV (Exhibition 07-28 to 01-15-2023)
2022 Hello Kitty Cafe to Open Location at Las Vegas Mall in July 2022
2022 Ippakutei Tea House Tour Open House/Guided Tour Presented by JICC, Embassy of Japan
2022 Origami in the Garden - 70 Museum-Quality Metal Sculptures Inspired by Japanese Art of Folding Paper (May-Oct 16, 2022) Kevin & Jennifer Box
2023 Monterey Peninsula Buddhist 75st Annual Temple Obon Festival (Sunday) Bon Odori, Japanese Food, Entertainment, Ikebana Exhibits, Games, Crafts..
2023 West Covina Buddhist Temple Obon Festival - East San Gabriel Valley - Bon Odori Dancing, Taiko, Japanese Food, Martial Arts, Games.. (Sat Only)

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2022 Map of Little Tokyo Japantown, Los Angeles

Things To See & Do in Little Tokyo, LA

Little Tokyo is one of the oldest and largest Japantowns in the United States. (Start at 1st Street and San Pedro Street)

Car Directions to Little Tokyo
Map of Little Tokyo Japantown, Los Angeles Little Tokyo Guide & Tips Best 2023 Nisei Week Tips & Scheduled EventsAug 2022

Map of Little Tokyo, Japantown

  List by Location

Map of Little Tokyo Japantown, Los Angeles

About Little Tokyo Japantown, Los Angeles

Little Tokyo Japantown Guide: Things To See & Do Tips

What is Little Tokyo Known For?

1) Little Tokyo is known for being one of four Japantowns in the United States
2) Nisei Week in August: Largest Japanese Parade, Bon Odori, Tanabata Festival
3) Incredible Japanese Food: Restaurants, Bakeries, Mochi, Desserts, Japanese Markets
4) Japanese Temples
5) Japanese Festivals and Events at JACCC
6) JANM Museum

If you can't visit or afford going to Japan right now, you can get a small taste of Japan by visiting Little Tokyo. A lot of Japanese Culture in one area.

How Old is Little Tokyo Japantown, Los Angeles?

Little Tokyo is one of the oldest Japantowns in the United States. Japanese immigrants are traced back to 1890s.

Where is Little Tokyo Japantown Located?

In Downtown Los Angeles along 1st Street between Los Angeles Street and Central Ave.

Who Has the Largest Japantown?

There is 4 Official Japntowns in the United States. Little Tokyo is the Largest Japantown (Next San Francisco, Sawtelle, and San Jose)

What is the Importance of Little Tokyo Japantown Located?

Little Tokyo Japantown is the cultural center for Japanese Americans in Southern California. and was declared a National Historic Landmark District in 1995.

Where Can I Find the History of Little Tokyo Japantown?

The Little Tokyo Service Center holds the history of the Japanese in this area.

What is in Little Tokyo Japantown?

As you walk through Little Tokyo, you will discover Japanese Cultural Landmarks, charming shops, excellent authentic Japanese restaurants, Japanese gardens and Japanese Museums you wont find anywhere else.

Where Can I Park in Little Tokyo?

Once you enter Little Tokyo there is parking or a parking structure on every street.

What Streets Can I Find Little Tokyo Located?

1St Street, 2nd Street, 3rd Street and S Central Ave, San Pedro Street, S Los Angeles Street

Little Tokyo starts at 1st Street and San Pedro Street.

Is Little Tokyo Fun for Kids and Teens?

Yes, there are stores for children abd there are anime shops for teens.

What Japanese Foods Can I Find in Little Tokyo?

Japanese Sushi, Ramen, Udon, Katsu, Teriyaki, Tempura, Yakitori, Fried Fish, Eel, Sashimi, Shabu Shabu, etc.

Best Ramen in Little Tokyo?


Best Udon in Little Tokyo?

Marugame Monzo, traditional handmade Udon

Best Sushi in Little Tokyo?

Sushi Gen

Best Conveyor Best Sushi in Little Tokyo?

Kura Revolving Sushu Bar

Best Mochi in Little Tokyo?

Fugetsu-Do (Opened in 1903)

Best Dessert in Little Tokyo?

Mitsura Café, Japanese Village, Imagawayaki is like a pancake type sweet batter that is made on a special pan that’s kind of like a waffle iron they fill the sides with the batter then press in the middle a sweet red bean paste.