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(Video) Attending a Live Bone Marrow Donor Drive

Published: Jul 25, 2010 | In:

Registering at a live marrow donor drive is easier then you think. This video illustrates the 3 simple steps involved when you choose to register in person. This page on the 'Be The Match' website has a zip code locater. Just enter your zip code and it will show you upcoming drives scheduled in your area:  marrow.org/JOIN/Join_in_Person/index.html

Did you know that once you join the National Marrow Donor Program you could be the match and save a life in the U.S. or anywhere in the world?

Each day approximately 6000 Americans of all ages and ethnicities are searching for a live saving marrow match. 70% of those in need will not find a match in time. The simple truth is that for those who do find a match, most will find it within their own ethnic group. Here are some statistics about the registry: Caucasians have an 80% chance of finding a match while minorities or those of mixed ethnicities have anywhere from a 30% chance or less depending on their ethnic background. Currently 73% of the registry is Caucasian. That means there are 5.4 million Caucasians in the registry. When my Japanese American cousin was diagnosed with a blood cancer I was stunned to learn there are fewer then 33,000 Japanese Americans in the registry. All minority groups are underrepresented.

There is no charge for tissue typing but donations are very much appreciated as the cost to process each test kit is $52.00. A contribution of any amount will help to cover the cost for yourself or others to join the registry.

To order the business cards you see in the video please visit: helpingtami.org/asian_stem_cell_postcards.html

Thank you for watching this video. If you want to learn more about the donor program, the donation process, how to register or help spread the word please visit helpingtami.org

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