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Japanese Friendship Garden, San Diego - Cherry Blossom Trees

Published: Feb 23, 2012 | In:

Japanese Friendship Garden, San Diego - Cherry Blossom Trees

2215 Pan American Road E
San Diego, CA 92101

The mission of the Japanese Friendship Garden Society of San Diego is to create a Japanese-style garden dedicated to the well-being of all people which provides educational programs that encourage understanding of the Japanese heritage among people of diverse ethnic backgrounds and cultures.

Garden Programs
As a valued asset to Balboa Park, the Japanese Friendship Garden is also an educational resource to the community. It provides a variety of seminars, classes and workshops as well as accredited horticultural instruction. Some examples of the programs offered at the Garden are: 1) The Study Center Seminars for both the amateur and professional gardener are held with faculty that includes internationally prominent masters from Japan and the United States. The seminars provide an educational program of landscape gardening that enable the participants to learn the principles, skills and techniques for implementing a Japanese garden. Students learn at hands on workshops, lectures, demonstrations and discussions. 2) The Learning Center A broad range of classes and workshops representing a variety of arts and crafts as well as Japanese conversation and cuisine are offered for children and adults. 3) Cuyamaca College / Department of Horticulture "Japanese Garden Design and Maintenance Techniques" is an accredited academic course initiated as a joint effort in 2002 with the Garden and Cuyamaca College, Department of Horticulture. It is held at the Garden and is a lecture and hands on experience. 4) San Diego Unified School District / Balboa Park Program Approximately 5,000 fifth grade students from the district learn about the design of the Garden and Japanese culture. Instruction includes the use of chopsticks, kimono wearing, foods and other aspects of Japanese student life. The purpose of the program is to increase understanding of Japanese culture.

The gentle koi in the pond will reach for your hand to greet you then glide away, proud to show you their brilliant colors flashing in the pond. With cooler water, the koi movements are slower and their appetite becomes less as their digestion is slowed. As spring turns to summer they become more active and require additional food. The garden expansion will complete the nine acres in the lower level and include an Herb and Tea Garden with walking trails and viewing pavilion, a waterfall and lily pond, a traditional Tea House and a contemporary Tea House, each with its own garden, a cherry tree grove and an outdoor amphitheater. It will all be handicap accessible. There are many challenges ahead but together we can fulfill our mission to create an outstanding Japanese style garden that will enrich the lives of every visitor. View illustration of Garden Expansion Project Individuals frequently request information about gifts that will benefit the Japanese Friendship Garden through their estate plans. We would be pleased to discuss your interest in making a request through a will or trust.

Phone: (619) 232-2721 , (619) 232-0917
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