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2017 Sports Events
Japanese Sports Events & Sign-ups Sport Events 19

2017 Japanese Sports Events & Sign-ups
Discover and elearn about the Japanese Culture through volunteering.

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Sports Benefits.
Tip and Benefits for Participating in Sports
All ages can benefit from playing sports. There are physical, social, developmental and academic benefits for playing sports. Daily practice leads to greater personal discipline, doing better in school and working with others.

Here are 8 benefits for playing & getting involved with sports.
1. It gives kids something fun to do. There are many different sports kids can pick from.
2. It keeps children physically active and out of the house. Less TV and video games.
3. It builds personal discipline, confidence and self-esteem in a child.
4. It's a way to make new friends.
5. Kids can learn to win or lose gracefully
6. Playing sports allows kids to pick up new sports quicker and leads to playing sports as an adult.
7. Team sports teach cooperation and working as a group.
8. Bring your family and kids to an sporting event, so exciting!

2017 Local Sports Sign-Ups and Events.
Available Sports & Sign-ups in the Community