Instant Noodles Museum Celebrate 40 Years

To pay homage to the notorious instant noodles industry, Japanese food company Nissin Foods has opened a new museum in Yokohama, near Tokyo.

Celebrating 40 years since the creation of the first snack, the museum displays the history of the noodle, taking visitors on a journey from its invention to its cultural influence within Japan and the rest of the world.

Up to 10,000sq m covers the museum grounds with visitors given the chance to create their own instant recipe from thousands of combinations at the My Cup Noodle Factory. Inside, visitors can get a taste of the restaurants that serve a variety of noodles.
instant noodles, Japan Ramen chicken noodles A young fan of the noodles gets stuck in at the museum’s noodle factory (Picture: Reuters)

During the opening of the museum, 500 people queued up to enter, including the former Japanese premier, Junichiro Koizumi.

The attraction has been aimed at both adults and children, with giant instant noodle play areas built inside the complex.

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